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Bonfire Night 2009

Another cold, showery day. The fifth in a row and getting a bit repetitive
now. Something warmer and drier wouldn’t go amiss.

A max of only 11.7C this afternoon with a few short-lived but beefy showers
around. The showers just keep coming, night and day though it manages to
keep the temperatures from falling back too much. An overnight low of 8.1C.

Going off a bit chiller tonight despite the rain falling at the moment.

Everything sopping. Grass still growing. Flowers still flowering so can’t be
all bad, even saw a few red admirals flying about this afternoon; what was
that….No bees, no birds, no butterflies….

The first 5 days of Nov: 41.2 mm of rain & 16.4 hours of sun.

(19:20), 8.4C, RH 90%, DP 6.8C, 1001 hPa (R), Wind 5 mph WSW.