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August 2010 – Sunshine Returns

After what have been quite disappointing sunshine amounts recently, the sun
managed to shine for long periods today, making it the sunniest day since
the 2nd August (10.5 hours). Saying that though, you have to all the way
back to the 19th May to find a day a sunless day.

But the last time there was a day of uninterrupted sunshine was the 27th
June, which is quite a long stretch and rather unusual.

Much, much fresher than yesterday with low DPs and a max of 21.3°C after a
cool night with a min of 9.1°C. Rainfall so far this month = 13.9 mm.

Only 5 days this summer (with none so far this August) have failed to reach
at least 20°C such has been the sustained warmth, though there have been no
‘hot’ days (>26°C) since the 10th July, predominantly caused by a frequent
tempering sea breeze.

A cool feeling but sunny evening.

(19:25), 18.2°C, RH 60%, DP 10.1°C, 1015 hPa (R), Wind 8 mph WNW.