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December 2010 – The Gloom Continues

This is the 4th consecutive cloudy day.

A difficult one to look up in the database but a quick scan hints this might
be a new record of gloom. Cloudy days themselves aren’t that common (average
of 1 or 2 a month), to get two together is rare, get 3 together seems to not
have happened in the last 5 years. So 4 together really is going some.

It was looking like this month would exceed 100 hours of sunshine but that
last few days has scuppered this with monthly sunshine now at 91 hours. Even
so, this brings the total sunshine for the year to a rather healthy 2017
hours, this most since I started recording sunshine at the start of 2007.

Mean December temperatures have clawed their way up to +0.6°C. Still colder
than anything I’ve recorded before.

Colder today with a stiff NE breeze.

(12:55), 6.5°C, RH 98%, DP 6.2°C, 1022 hPa (R), Wind 9 mph NE.