Monthly Archives: July 2011

A Dry July So Far

A warm and predominantly sunny day today, making a nice change after
yesterday’s predominantly cloudy, but dry day.

A max of 26.3°C making it the warmest day of the month so far, and the
warmest day since the 26th June (26.8°C). Overnight minimum was 12.6°C.

Despite this being a rather cloudy and cool July, it has also been a dry
month. Only 23.0 mm of rain so far, this is around 56% of the eLTA and
if the forecast is to be believed, could be the total for the month as a
whole. This could make this July even drier than July 2006 (23.4 mm).

I noticed today that east of Exeter, some trees are showing drought
stress. Down on t’allotment, things are pretty dire with the runners and
French beans struggling, as are the chillies and toms from the dust-dry
soil. The courgettes and marrow plants have stopped growing/producing
fruit, and it looks like there won’t be any pumpkins this year.

In my garden it’s a different story, the runners etc are prolific, been
picking beans for over a month now, all because I can give them a good
watering every day.

Over 10 hours of sun so far today. And it was scorching sun this
afternoon with high UV (8).

A warm evening.

(20:00), 20.7°C, RH 60%, DP 11.7°C, 1010 hPa (S), Wind 7 mph NW.