Monthly Archives: November 2011

Warmth Continues….

The November ‘warmth’ continues with a max of 12.7°C and a minimum of
only 12.1°C.

The high minimum temperatures this month have really been unusual for
November and would not have been out of place for June.

A damp, murky sort of day though there was a bit of brightness and the
odd glimpse of the sun around midday but failing to register with the
sunshine recorder making it the 7th sunless day this month.

7 sunless days in a month is unusual, and the 2nd most I have recorded
since 2006. The record of 10 days is held by January this year.

Sunshine so far this month now stands at 60 hours despite the high
amount of cloudy days. And it will not be the dullest month I have
recorded, that pleasure goes to February this year with just 53.4 hours.

November 2011 averages (1st – 21st):
Mean min = 9.5°C
Mean max = 13.8°C
Mean = 11.6°C
Rain = 62.7 mm

A warm, damp evening.

(19:40), 12.7°C, RH 96%, DP 12.0°C, 1012 hPa (F), Wind 3 mph SE.