Monthly Archives: November 2015

No snow, no rain, no wind……sunshine!

In the shelter of the Otter Valley not much weather happened despite a
few warnings.

A lovely day of prolonged sunshine, unbroken for much of the day and
with the wind dying down this afternoon it was quite pleasant outside. A
good drying day.

Maximum of 8.2C after an overnight minimum of 3.6C.

The highest gust was a rather unremarkable 28 mph at 09:30 this morning
and by mid-afternoon the wind had fallen light.

DP went below freezing with a minimum of -0.5C at 14:10 (RH 56%). The
first sub-zero DP since the 30th April (-0.6C).

Going off chilly tonight – could be the first air frost since the 25th
March (-0.4C).

(19:00), 4.1C, RH 87%, DP 2.3C, 1015 hPa (S), Wind 3 mph WNW.