Monthly Archives: December 2015

December 2015 – Windiest Month

This December is the windiest month I have recorded (starting May 2005) with a wind run so far (up to 12:00 on the 30th Dec) of 6342 miles.

The previous windiest month was February 2014 with 4844. So, along with temperature, this December completely trounces the previous record.

The windiest day also has occurred in this month with 390 miles on the 26th. This beating the previous 366 miles set on the 10th March 2008. Though suspect today (30th) might beat the 26th as today is already up to 260 miles with another 12 hours to go.

Despite the incessant wind this month, there have been no gales with the strongest gust so far only being 48 mph. The average monthly wind speed is currently at 9.1 mph.

December 2015 – ‘Warm & Dry’

This December seems to be re-writing my 10 years of recording for temperature.

1st – 12th
Mean minimum = 9.3°C
Mean minimum = 13.3°C
Mean maximum = 11.3°C
Rain = 19.4 mm
Sunshine = 24.3 hours.

The minimum high of 13.1°C on the 3rd was higher than anything else I’ve recorded for December.

The mean temperature is currently running slightly higher than the overall mean for November (11.2°C).

It has also been rather dry with all months this autumn and winter so far being drier than normal.

As following on from November, it is turning out to be a dull month. December 2014 had (1st – 12th) 48.4 hours of sunshine and a monthly total of 103.5 hours. I doubt that this month will see anything like those figures.