Monthly Archives: January 2016

1st to 16th January 2016 – Sunny and Wet

The weather of the first half of the first month of 2016 has made a welcome change from the persistent southwesterlies that occurred through most of November and December.

January so far has been sunny and wetter than normal and with around average temperatures.

1st – 16th:
Mean maximum = 10.0°C
Mean minimum = 2.7°C
Mean = 6.4°C
Rain = 67.1 mm
Sunshine = 66.3 hours.

This has been one of the sunniest starts to January in my record (since 2006).

The lowest maximum temperature occurred yesterday with just 6.6°C making it the coldest day since 6.2°C on the 6th February last year. The really cold weather just to the east doesn’t seem to have made it here and so far this has been a snowless winter.

Sunshine 2015 – Started promising….

The sunshine levels for 2015 started well enough and I thought we were on-course for a 2000+ hours total as the first 6 months recorded 1047 hours.

But things went awry in July and August, recovered in September and October; then went dire in November and December. Still, 2015 did not end up my most ‘sunless’ year (that accolade goes to 1681 hours in 2011) and the total was a respectful 1831.4 hours.

Monthly sunshine for 2015:
January = 105.0 hours
February = 108.8 hours
March = 151.8 hours
April = 247.6 hours
May = 177.0 hours
June = 256.8 hours
July = 172.4 hours
August = 144.8 hours
September = 225.4 hours
October = 134.6 hours
November = 49.1 hours
December = 58.1 hours.