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May 2016 – Sunny month and ‘year’ so far

After four days of unbroken sunshine and a generally sunny month overall, this May is likely to turn out to be the sunniest I’ve recorded since setting up my sunshine recorder in 2006.

Total sunshine (as of 18:20 on the 30th) stands at 227 hours. Because, over the last 10 years, there have been many extremely sunny Aprils, the average sunshine for May has ended up at 1 hour less than April! My eLTA for April is 197 hours and May is 196 hours. Or could it be that we’ve had a run of cloudy Mays……

The annual sunshine total is up to 784 hours. If this level of sunshine persists then this could be a 2000+ hours year.

May sunshine:
2007 = 163 hours
2008 = 200 hours
2009 = 203 hours
2010 = 205 hours
2011 = 173 hours
2012 = 229 hours
2013 = 213 hours
2014 = 189 hours
2015 = 177 hours.

Early May 2016 – Missing the rains

Despite promises of heavy rainfall we keep missing the wet stuff here in the lower reaches Otter Valley. I know this is one of the driest parts of the South West by quite a margin but we could do with a good few downpours as the soils are now very dry.

Only 15 mm of rain has fallen since the 16th April and today, of which we had several yellow Met Office warnings, all the rain fell elsewhere and we stayed dry. Yesterday did yield a much needed 3.8 mm but given some sunshine today, it’s as if it never had happend. Our sandy soils don’t help mind you.

It seems that spring and early summer droughts have become a bit of a feature here over the last few years.

The temperature peaked at 21.8°C this afternoon and it felt rather humid with calm conditions and a DP of 18.0°C.