Monthly Archives: June 2016

June 2016 – Low Sunshine Amount

The sunshine for this month has just passed 110 hours. This amount for late June is hugely below the average and makes this June one of the cloudiest since I started recording sunshine in 2006.

To put it into context, below are the sunshine figures for the year so far with the percentage of total available sunlight in brackets:
January = 101 hours (38%)
February = 109 hours (37%)
March = 164 hours (44%)
April = 186 hours (45%)
May = 237 hours (49%)
June = 110 hours (28%)

My sunniest June was 2010 with 316 hours (64%) whilst my cloudiest June was in 2012 with 106 hours (22%). This June is likely to end up the 2nd dullest next to 2012. Last year’s June recorded a more ‘normal’ 257 hours (52%).

Early June 2016 – Missing the Storms

After a dry May the drought continues and with the lawns browning nicely, we are desperate for drop of rain but despite thunder being heard inland, the usual coastal plain misses that there rain.

The only rain so far this month was in the form of a shower in the early hours on the 2nd with 0.9 mm but by the morning you would not have known it had happened.

Today (Wednesday 8th), even with the dry conditions the humidity is very high. This morning the temperature reached 24.2°C and with a dew point of 19.5°C and no wind, it felt stifling under a cloudless sky with the scorching June sun beating down. Then the ‘Doctor’ (a name I call our sea breeze) turned up and provided some relief; a glorious sea breeze blew in dropping the temperature and humidity down a little.

Looking at the forecasts, this week could be our summer with it all going downhill next week. Shame as I love this warmth (though a drop of rain would come in handy), and there’s always the sea to throw yourself in if it gets too hot. Offshore SST at 1 metre deep reached 16.0°C this afternoon, not bad for early June.