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16th & 17th July 2016 – High dewpoints & UV

This weekend has been a humid one with long sunny intervals and despite a sea breeze, a warm one too.

Today the dewpoint reached 21°C and hovered around 19°C – 20°C for much of the afternoon and with a temperature of between 24°C and 26°C, it made for at times, a quite oppressive feeling day reminding me of my stays in the Med.

The sea breeze arrived at 11:30 with an abrupt shift in wind direction from NW to southerly and a small drop in temperature and humidity before these recovered and exceeded the previous values. The ‘warm’ off-shore sea surface temperatures out in Lyme Bay (peaking to 19°C to 20°C today) and even warmer closer to the shore mean that the sea breeze is becoming warm and humid in itself and no longer brings the fresher, cooler air it did in May and June.

This is quite typical of post mid-summer and by late-August and September the sea breeze can sometimes bring very humid air.

Also, very high UV levels for the last couple of days with 9.9 (16th) & 9.2 (17th).

July 2016 – Warm & Humid So Far

As with June this July is turning out to be another fairly warm but rather humid month. And as with June, sunshine levels are still suffering. All days have been easily over 20°C but there have been no really warm days with the warmest being only 23.9°C (8th).

Despite the forecast of cool, cloudy conditions for Sidmouth, today was another warm (maximum 22.4°C) and humid day (DP 17.4°C) with lengthy sunny intervals after a cloudy start. And after that very wet June, this month so far has been quite dry and my sandy-soiled garden is becoming very dry once more.

Quite a few days with extremely high UV (+9.0) last week and many of my chillie plants in the garden have suffered from scorching of the leaves, as has the grass.

July 2016 1st – 11th
Mean minimum = 13.0°C
Mean maximum = 21.7°C
Mean = 17.4°C
Rain = 3.6 mm
Sunshine = 65 hours.

3rd July 2016 – The Return of the Sea Breeze

After what seems like a summer so far without sea breezes, they made a dramatic and much appreciated come back today.

A generally cloudy morning though at times the sun could be glimpsed, barely any wind to speak of and it was variable in direction. Then at just after 13:00 a wind picked up from the south heralding the start of the sea breeze. You hear the sea breeze before it arrives from the sound of the wind rustling the leaves of the oak trees as it moves up the valley. The way how the sky cleared abruptly from the south ‘pushing’ all the cloud inland leaving us in scorching sunshine with a pristine, dark blue sky and high UV levels was inspiring and reinforces why I am fascinated by them.

As it was a cloudy morning the sea breeze did not bring a drop in temperature but through the afternoon the persistent 8 mph breeze kept the temperature pegged back to 20.6°C with a DP between 15°C & 16°C. A notable feature of the sea breeze here is that as the summer progresses the breeze’s ability to reduce temperature and humidity decreases and from mid-August onwards it can often bring warmer, more humid conditions.

The satellite photo below is from from Bernard Burton’s excellent website: and was taken this afternoon at 14:35. It shows a convergence line across the SW peninsula and the prevailing WNW wind pushing that convergence line towards the south coast winning out against the weaker sea breeze moving up from the south.