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August 2016 – Another Dry Month?

With just 5.9 mm of rainfall, July was the driest of any month I have ever recorded since before May 2005, though many have come close.

Then on the 1st of August, 25.5 mm of very welcome rain fell in one day and it has been dry ever since. The countryside did ‘green up’ a little but is now reverting back to its parched, brown appearance. Looking at the forecast there seems to be little rain predicted for here, especially as that Azores High seems to be ever present, ridging towards us in the South West.

As well as being dry since the first, it has also been warm and increasingly sunny. Today’s sunshine, breeze and low humidity only adds to the browning of this part of Devon.

After a very wet June (though the majority of the rain fell during thunderstorms), a dry July and one wet August day, the total rainfall for the summer to date stands at 131 mm which is well above average! Don’t rely on the ‘normal’ to give us an idea to how green the countryside should be….

August 2016 (1st – 9th):
Mean minimum = 12.7°C
Mean maximum = 22.8°C
Mean = 17.8°C
Rain = 25.5 mm
Sunshine = 62.1 hours.