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September 2016 – 1st Half ‘Warm and often cloudy’

The heat affecting parts of central and south eastern England hasn’t managed to come this far west and whilst this has been a warm September so far, the maximum day temperatures haven’t really been that unusual and not far off what you would expect for the 1st half of the month, which really is a continuation of summer in most years.

September 1st – 15th
Mean maximum = 21.7°C
Mean minimum = 13.1°C
Mean = 17.4°C
Rain = 30.7 mm
Sunshine = 67 hours.

Rain above the average in what is a normally dry month and the sunshine level is well down. This has so far been an unusually dull September. The 1st half of September 2015 recorded 108 hours and the month went on to have a total of 225 hours.