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October 2016 – 1st – 12th Dry, sunny and warm

With only 4.6 mm on the 1st this is so far turning out to be a very dry month. Unusual for October in that normally it is the start of the ‘rainy’ season and one of the wetter months of the year bringing a big change from September (one the driest months of the year).

It is also turning out to be a sunny month. October is not normally that sunny with an average for the last 11 years of only 124 hours.

All this sunshine is helping the day temperatures and so far the days have been mild to warm though there have been quite a few rather chilly, starry nights thrown in as well that have dragged the mean minimum temperature down to well-below normal.

October 1st – 12th
Mean minimum = 7.5°C
Mean maximum = 17.0°C
Mean = 12.3°C
Rain = 4.6 mm
Sunshine = 76.5 hours
Annual sunshine total (Jan 1st – Oct 12th) = 1611 hours (a little less than the average for the last 11 years).