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Almost Summer Again…

‘Almost’ summer again after yesterday’s wet day. Sunny spells, breezy and all the rain stayed inland leaving it a dry day here.

A maximum of 20.5C was OK when the sun was out but feeling a little too cool to tempt me down the beach for a swim today. Maybe tomorrow.

Just passed 200 hours of sunshine for this July, so even with a sunny day tomorrow this month will still end up below my eLTA for sunshine. And much wetter too with the rainfall total at a rather soggy 68 mm.

Still, it has been a warm month.

July 2017 – Cooler 2nd half so far

Things have turned cooler since the 16th with 3 cool days in a row (21st (17.8°C), 22nd (17.0°C) & 23rd (19.7°C) but other than that there has still been some good summer warmth with all other days >21°C and 4 days >25°C.

17th – 27th July:
Mean minimum = 12.9°C
Mean maximum = 22.5°C
Mean = 17.7°C.

So still slightly above average for the 2nd half so far.

21st July 2017 – Wet and windy

July days don’t get much worse than today (July 7th 2012 being the only exception).

Whilst windy it didn’t start too bad being dry and 16C at dawn. The rain arrived through the morning and the wind picked to frequent 30+ mph gusts steadily defoliating the trees in exposed places and bringing a few branches down.

As the cold front passed through the wind died a sudden death, the heavy rain steadied to a drizzle and the wind disappeared rather dramatically to calm. And then the temperature dropped rapidly from 16C to 17C down to 13.1C at 17:00.

I need to search through my records but I think that is the coldest temperature I have ever recorded for the afternoon/early evening period in July. It certainly came as a shock. The holiday-makers are arriving in their droves, not the best start for them.

14.3 mm in total today. Monthly total at 40.3 mm.

July 2017 – A warm 1st half

A predominately dry (apart from one day) and warm first half of July, with slightly above average sunshine:

1st – 16th
Mean minimum = 13.2°C
Mean maximum = 23.9°C
Mean = 18.6°C
Rain = 17.4 mm
Sunshine = 120.7 hours

The only day where the temperature failed to reach >22.0°C was the 11th (the day when it rained), and so far that has also been the only sunless day.

It has also been a rather humid month with dew points frequently greater than 17°C and occasionally greater than 20°C.

16th July 2017 – High DPs again

Another day with high dew points in what is turning out to be a warm and humid summer so far.

Despite the high amount of cloud at times and only limited sunshine the temperature reached 25.5°C at 15:20, and with a dew point at that time of 20.4°C, it felt rather oppressive given just a light westerly breeze.

The reason for the high humidity is that the air mass is currently tropical maritime air and under such conditions the UV is normally high. Even with hazy, often cloud skies the UV reach a high of 8.5. Severe sunburn territory….


1000+ hours of sunshine so far

Today passed the 1000 hours mark of sunshine for 2017. A little later than normal. And yesterday passed the 100 hours total sunshine for this July.

Previous 1000 hours of sunshine ‘passing’ points:
2014 = 3rd July
2015 = 25th June
2016 = 12th July

Whether this year will end up with +2000 hours of sunshine remains to be seen but it is now, in August and in September that we need the sunshine hours to clock up to achieve that little milestone.

8th July 2017 – Very High UV

Surprisingly high UV today with 9.1 making the highest UV of the year so far here with the previous high being 8.9 on the 26th June.

With a thin sheet of cirrus and altocumulus taking some of the heat out the sun, it was very deceptive and incredibly easy to get seriously burnt. I managed to burn my shoulders through a deep suntan; very fair skin or non-tanned skin wouldn’t stand a chance without protection.

Interestingly, the UV high today in Gibraltar was 7.3.

It was a warm and humid feeling day and barely a breath of wind as the sea breeze failed yet again.

Minimum = 16.1C @ 05:14
Maximum = 25.9C @ 15:43
DP maximum = 18.0C @ 15:41.

+30°C for the 2nd Time This Year

A maximum of 30.6°C this afternoon makes it the 2nd time this year that 30°C has been exceeded.

Due to the proximity to the sea (only 2 kms away), temperatures above 25°C are not common, and 30°C days are very rare. So to get two in one year is quite something.

The last time 30C was achieved was on the 13th July 2013 (30.5°C), and before that was the 19th July 2006 (30.8°C).

In order to get high temperatures the sea breeze has to fail and it seems this year it has been weaker then normal. Usually with a sea breeze blowing the temperature will be kept pegged back to between 22°C and 24°C at best under cloudless conditions.

July – A Glorious Change

What a welcome contrast the start of this month has been to the closing days of June and a definite bonus for the change to have happended at the weekend! No good wasting decent sunshine when you’re at work.

Max Rain Sun
28th 16.7°C 26.4 mm 0.0 hours
29th 17.2°C 7.3 mm 0.0 hours
30th 18.4°C 4.2 mm 0.5 hours
1st 23.4°C 0.0 mm 10.5 hours
2nd 25.5°C 0.0 mm 12 hours (so far)

Yesterday and today have had practically unbroken sunshine from early/mid morning until sunset.

The sea has cooled off quite a bit after last week’s unsettled weather with the near-shore SST dropping from highs of 19°C to 20°C (peaking at 22°C) down to 16.5°C over the last 7 days. It was very noticeable when having a swim this afternoon – wetsuit was nearly required.

The word ‘contrast’ sums up June 2017 nicely, it was a month of dry and wet; hot and cold; windy and calm. Unusual for a summer month, or maybe not…..

June 2017

Summary for June 2017

After a long rather benign spell of weather, June became a month of contrasts. It contained very cool and near record-breakingly warm days; unusually windy and calm days, and a long dry spell followed by two very wet days. All-in-all, an interesting summer month.

Warmer and much wetter than normal with slightly below average sunshine.

Mean Max: 21.7ºC
Mean Min: 11.4ºC
Mean: 16.6ºC

High Max: 31.1ºC 20th
Low Max: 15.2ºC 5th
High Min: 16.9ºC 22nd
Low Min: 5.5ºC 4th

Days >25°C 5 Days
Days >20°C 17 Days
Nights >15°C 4 Days
Nights <10°C 7 Days

Rain Total (gauge): 73.6 mm
Rain Days >0.2 mm: 11 Days
Rain Days >1.0 mm: 8 Days
Max 24 hrs: 26.4 mm 28th
Days without any rain: 19

Thunder Heard: 0 Days
Hail <5 mm: 0 Days
Hail >5 mm: 0 Days
Fog @ 9am: 0 Days

Total Monthly Sunshine: 210.9 Hours
Most Sunshine in a Day: 15.6 Hours 17th
Average Daily Sunshine: 7.0 Hours
Sunless Days: 3 Days
Cloudless Days: 7 Days
Total Possible Sunshine: 492.3 Hours
Percentage of Total Sun: 43%

Ave 10 Min Wind >39 mph: 0.00 Days
Calm: 5.92 Days 22%
Mean Wind: 3.6 mph
Max Gust: 40 mph 5th

Mean Cloud Cover: 69%
Mean RH @ 9am: 88%
Rain >0.1mm/hour: 25.8 Hours

Mean Pressure: 1013.6 hPa
Max Pressure: 1028.6 hPa 17th
Min Pressure: 989.1 hPa 6th

Max Dewpoint: 21.8ºC 20th
Min Dewpoint: 4.7ºC 4th
Mean Dewpoint: 13.3ºC

Max Humidity: 100% Several days
Min Humidity: 47% 17th
Mean Humidity: 82%