+30°C for the 2nd Time This Year

A maximum of 30.6°C this afternoon makes it the 2nd time this year that 30°C has been exceeded.

Due to the proximity to the sea (only 2 kms away), temperatures above 25°C are not common, and 30°C days are very rare. So to get two in one year is quite something.

The last time 30C was achieved was on the 13th July 2013 (30.5°C), and before that was the 19th July 2006 (30.8°C).

In order to get high temperatures the sea breeze has to fail and it seems this year it has been weaker then normal. Usually with a sea breeze blowing the temperature will be kept pegged back to between 22°C and 24°C at best under cloudless conditions.

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