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27th August – Warmest day for quite a while

Unbroken scorching sunshine all day and rising humidity levels made for a rather warm day after a cool(ish) start:

Maximum = 26.9°C
Minimum = 10.8°C
Maximum DP = 19.0°C
Sunshine = 12.6 hours (up to 19:15)

As with yesterday the sea breeze arrived early (10:15) but was very light and made little impact on the temperature.

Today was the warmest day since the 6th July (though many days have come very close) and what a superb holiday weekend this is turning out to be. Possibly even warmer tomorrow. This sunny, dry and warm spell is now on its 7th day and is helping this month recover from the dull, wet and cool weather that has dominated since the 20th July.

A warm, cloudless evening and a just weakening light sea breeze.

Monthly sunshine total now up to 152 hours.

24th August 2017 – Warmer but still poor sunshine amounts

It was one of those days here when the sun shone for a lot longer than the recorder suggested (3.6 hours) as it was just too hazy to register. It didn’t detract from what was another rather fine day with just a light breeze and reasonably warm too with a maximum of 21.7C, helped by moderate humidity giving a DP of high of +16C for most of the afternoon.

The mean monthly temperature (now at 16.6C) is slowly nudging up and given the forecast for the next 7 days, this month could even end up at average or slightly above.

One thing that won’t end up at average is sunshine. Still woefully down on normal with a monthly total to date of just 113 hours.

Everything seems more advanced than usual. The grapes are nearly ready to pick, much earlier than normal. I’ve been picking blackberries since late July, and they’ve been the sweetest, largest sized berries I ever seen. I’ve been picking the apples from my Discovery tree for a couple for weeks now. The other apples are nearly ready to pick as well. Tomatoes in the garden have been excellent since mid-July and are still coming thick and fast. It may not have been the best of summers but the fruit and veg seemed to have liked it.

21st August 2017 – Warm and Very Humid

It was a cold night Up Country in northern England with some places reporting a rare grass frost. But down ‘ere in Darkest Devon it was a warm and humid night due to being in the warm sector of that old burnt-out Hurricane Gert. Ground frosts are either incredibly rare here or may not happen at all in the summer period of June to September. (Last night’s minimum was 16.3C, grass min 13.2C).

August so far (1st – 21st)
Mean minimum = 11.8C
Mean maximum = 21.0C
Mean = 16.4C
Rain = 83.2 mm
Sunshine = 104 hours.

A maximum of 24.7C today with a DP of +21C made for a warm and rather humid day.

Summer’s Return….

There’s been quite an improvement in the weather over the last few days with it being warmer and sunnier, and it has been dry since the 8th.

It’s been a lovely day with unbroken sunshine since mid-morning when the sea breeze sparked up and cleared those cumulus clouds away inland.

Rather an unusually chilly start mind you with a minimum of 8.9°C but with a maximum of 22.0°C this afternoon, it was pleasant enough despite the sea breeze pegging the temperature back somewhat.

Still wetter, cooler and duller than average but the extra sunshine has helped lift the day temperatures up a little.

1st – 13th
Mean minimum = 11.6°C
Mean maximum = 20.7°C
Mean = 16.2°C
Rain = 46.4 mm
Sunshine = 61.4 hours.

Superbly starry conditions gave good views of the Perseids last night before the moon rose.

Dire 2nd Half of Summer So Far

This August is turning out so far to be rather dire – cool, cloudy and wet.

1st – 8th:
Mean minimum = 12.2C
Mean maximum = 20.6C
Mean = 16.4C
Rain = 36 mm
Sunshine = 30 hours

It doesn’t get much worse than the above!

The weather seems to have been in terminal decline since the 20th July.

On this date last August, the mean temperature was a rather better 18.3C and there had been 52 hours of sunshine. The month ended up with 243 hours of sunshine and a drier than normal 37 mm of rain. Unless there’s a big change in the weather I cannot see this August coming close to last years for sunshine, dryness and warmth.

It reminds me of the Augusts during the bad old summer days of 2007 to 2012.

July 2017 – The Cooler 2nd Half

In the end the 2nd half of July was a bit cooler than the first half but not hugely so due to quite a few warm days. Sunshine struggled though and it was rather wetter.

July 17th – 31st; (1st – 17th)
Mean minimum = 12.9°C (13.2°C)
Mean maximum = 22.0°C (23.9°C)
Mean = 17.4°C (18.6°C)
Rain = 48.8 mm (16.5 mm)
Sunshine = 86.5 hours (121.9 hours)

July 2017:
Mean minimum = 13.0°C
Mean maximum = 22.9ºC
Mean: 18.0ºC
Rain: 68.4 mm
Sunshine: 208.4 Hours

Summary of July 2017

Warmer and wetter than normal with a little below average sunshine. Warmest July since 2014 (18.6C); wettest since 2015 (74 mm); sunniest since 2014 (272 hours).

Mean Max: 22.9ºC
Mean Min: 13.0ºC
Mean: 18.0ºC

High Max: 30.6ºC 6th
Low Max: 17.0ºC 22nd
High Min: 18.4ºC 19th
Low Min: 8.1ºC 22nd
Grass Min: 5.3ºC 22nd

Days >25°C 10 Days
Days >20°C 25 Days
Nights >15°C 6 Days
Nights <10°C 4 Days

Rain Total (gauge): 68.4 mm
Rain Days >0.2 mm: 12 Days
Rain Days >1.0 mm: 11 Days
Max 24 hrs: 14.3 mm 21st
Days without any rain: 19

Thunder Heard: 1 Day
Hail <5 mm: 0 Days
Hail >5 mm: 0 Days
Fog @ 9am: 0 Days

Total Monthly Sunshine: 208.4 Hours
Most Sunshine in a Day: 15.3 Hours 2nd
Average Daily Sunshine: 6.7 Hours
Sunless Days: 1 Day 11th
Cloudless Days: 4 Days
Total Possible Sunshine: 494.7 Hours
Percentage of Total Sun: 42%

Ave 10 Min Wind >39 mph: 0.00 Days
Calm: 6.05 Days 20%
Mean Wind: 3.6 mph
Max Gust: 32 mph 21st

Mean Pressure: 1014.2 hPa
Max Pressure: 1024.7 hPa 17th
Min Pressure: 1001.7 hPa 30th

Max Dewpoint: 21.4ºC 6th
Min Dewpoint: 7.1ºC 22nd
Mean Dewpoint: 14.4ºC

Max Humidity: 100% Several days
Min Humidity: 42% 2nd
Mean Humidity: 80%