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May 25th 2018

<![CDATA[Today the coast here remained pretty much cloud free all afternoon but a mile or two inland and it was clouded out and yet there was no sea breeze. Why was convection inhibited along the coast and hinterland but the breeze was from the NW as opposed to the south (sea breeze direction)!

A maximum of 23.7C and with DPs around 16.0C the air has become slightly more humid feeling. A minimum of 12.8C overnight is helping in dragging the mean minimum temperatures for this month to something less cold.

This May is now my sunniest since I started recording sunshine in 2006. Over 8 hours of sunshine today has pushed the total passed 237 hours.

No rain since the 11th and the monthly total is at 19.0 mm. That could all change tomorrow if we cop a thunderstorm.