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25th June 2018 – Another glorious summer’s day


Maximum of 26.3C here but with a lovely sea breeze blowing all day and a relatively moderate DP of around 15C, it was just about perfect.
Mind you though, that sun was scorching today through a deep blue sky and very little, if any thin high cloud like the past couple of days.
Passed 200 hours of sunshine today for June. Some might be surprised that this isn’t far off the average as many think this month has been really sunny. May could end up sunnier, though it might be close.
Managed to have a swim in the briny this afternoon. No wetsuit required though after an hour I had definitely cooled down. Nice to warm back up in the sunshine! Sea flat calm and crystal clear. Offshore sea temperature at 1 metre depth peaking around 18C this afternoon though it would have been a bit warmer along the beach.