Monthly Archives: April 2019

Better than Expected


I’d written this weekend off but in the end it wasn’t half bad. Nowhere near as glorious as Easter but on the whole pretty good.

Saturday = 14.4°C, 9.1 hours sunshine.
Sunday = 14.6°C, 3.4 hours sunshine.

Both days dry during daylight hours. Even managed some hammock time. Storm Hanna didn’t make much of an impression here, maximum gust was 36 mph, so nothing notable.

Passed the 200 hours of sunshine mark today making this month now sunnier than normal (April eLTA = 193 hours).

1st – 28th:
Mean max = 15.0°C
Mean min = 5.5°C
Mean = 10.3°C
Rain = 62 mm
Sunshine = 202 hours.


3rd April 2019: Brrrrrr!


I have to go back to the 2nd February (7.2°C) too for a day colder than today. A maximum of only 9.2°C even with plenty of sunshine between the showers to ‘warm’ it up a little.

April days with the maximum temperature below 10°C are rare here but 2013 broke the mould with 6 days <10°C and the 1st & 4th had maximum temperatures of only 5.8°C & 5.3°C. That was an exceptional April in my recording history.



Summary for March 2019


Very windy and rather wet for the first half then dry and settled thereafter. Mild throughout. Warmer and a little wetter than normal with average sunshine. Warmest March since 2017 (9.9C); wettest since 2016 (97 mm); sunniest since 2016 (164 hours).

Mean Max: 13.5ºC
Mean Min: 5.4ºC
Mean: 9.5ºC

High Max: 18.5ºC 30th
Low Max: 10.1ºC 18th
High Min: 11.9ºC 15th
Low Min: -0.9ºC 26th
Grass Min: -2.8ºC 8th

Days >15°C 7 Days   
Days >10°C 31 Days   
Nights >10°C 2 Days   
Nights >5°C 16 Days   

Rain Total (gauge): 71.8 mm
Rain Days >0.2 mm: 12 Days   
Rain Days >1.0 mm: 9 Days   
Max 24 hrs: 15.8 mm 12th
Days without any rain: 19   

Air Frost: 3 Days   
Grass Frost: 7 Days   
Snow Falling: 0 Days   
Thunder Heard: 0 Days   
Hail <5 mm: 2 Days   
Hail >5 mm: 0 Days   
Fog @ 9am: 2 Days   

Total Monthly Sunshine: 141.9 Hours
Most Sunshine in a Day: 12.0 Hours 27th
Average Daily Sunshine: 4.6 Hours   
Sunless Days: 3 Days   
Cloudless Days: 4 Days   
Total Possible Sunshine: 368.6 Hours   
Percentage of Total Sun: 38%   
Average Sunny Interval: 16.5 mins

Ave 10 Min Wind >39 mph: 0.00 Days   
Calm: 5.68 Days 18%
Mean Wind: 5.2 mph   
Max Gust: 57 mph 3rd

Mean Pressure: 1017.1 hPa   
Max Pressure: 1037.8 hPa 28th
Min Pressure: 983.3 hPa 6th

Max Dewpoint: 11.3ºC 3rd
Min Dewpoint: -2.0ºC 26th
Mean Dewpoint: 6.3ºC   

Max Humidity: 98% 2nd
Min Humidity: 43% 26th
Mean Humidity: 81%