Monthly Archives: May 2019

26th May – High UV

Today and yesterday have seen quite high UV levels after what has been a spring season of rather normal UV intensity.

The lack of tropical maritime air masses has probably been responsible.

The UV here today reached 8.6 despite quite cloudy and hazy conditions with the sun always being partly obscured by haze or cloud. Yesterday’s hazy conditions saw the UV reach 8.0.

I suspect that now the CF has moved through this evening and we’re in a different air mass, the UV maximum tomorrow will be down to around 6.0 to 7.0.

Given the forecast for later this week, we may see an extremely high UV level of +9.0 on Wednesday. Slip, slop, slap…oooerrrrr.

Sunny May 2019 so far….

Following along in good tradition from April, this May has turned out to be another sunny one so far.

Sunshine total for the month has passed 200 hours and now stands at 201.2 hours. This brings the spring sunshine total to 563 hours, and the annual total to 762 hours.

Months with sunshine greater than 200 hours always have a ‘sunny feel’ to them (for want of a better phrase). And can occur in any month from April to September.

The number of times months since 2006 have exceeded 200 hours sunshine (though many more have come close):
April = 5
May = 8
June = 10
July = 8
August = 6
September = 3

The average sunshine for May for the last 14 years has been 204.2 hours.

Sunny May Day

Unbroken sunshine all day has pushed the monthly sunshine total passed 100 hours. As of 20:15 today the total is 105 hours.

Mind you, the temperature never got that high despite the intense, scorching sunshine as there was a stiff breeze blowing in off the sea that kept the temperature pegged back to a maximum of 16.1C.

The annual sunshine total now at 665 hours. To this date last year there had been 542 hours, and the year went on to a total of 1938 hours.