Coldest June Day

What a day! Several June firsts:

1: Had to dig out my fleece after storing it away until November.
2: Wish I had then dug out a jumper too this afternoon.
3: Put the heater on in the car.
4: Everybody went home early from work as it was so cold in the office.
5: Lit the wood burner this evening (couldn’t bring myself to put the central heating on).

Now, I suppose the more hardy folk amongst you will think what a bunch of softy southerners we are down ‘ere but it was a severe shock to the system. Most January days are far more clement.

The maximum temperature reached 12.8C but was mostly stuck around 11C. This is the lowest day maximum in my record (2006) beating the previous of 13.5C held on the 25th June 2007.

And to top it all, that wind had a real raw edge to it that would have made a winter’s day proud.

Rain stopped early this morning but it has remained cloudy until now. The sun has just come out for all the good it will do at this time in the evening. Still, it will prevent today from being the first sunless day since the 5th April.

20.8 mm of rain in the last 24 hours. It can only get better….

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