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Perfect July so far

We’re halfway through the month and it has been a stunning July so far. Perfect temperatures and humidity levels making it rather more comfortable than previous Julys.

Mean minimum = 11.5°C

Mean maximum = 24.2°C

Mean = 17.9°C

Rain = 0.0 mm

Sunshine = 156 hours.

The nights have been cooler than normal whilst the days warmer. The mean temperature so far is a little above my very estimated LTA. Sunshine levels above normal too.

The photo is of a 2-spotted ladybird on my hop vine which has been infested with aphids. The ladybirds have thankfully responded and now the vine is covered in ladybirds. This type of ladybird, i.e., black with red spots is rather unusual down here and more common Up Country.

Two-spotted ladybird on my hop vine munching up aphids.

Sunny, warm summer continues….

Another lovely day in what is turning out to be a lovely summer. A gentle sea breeze blowing in scents of the sea kept most of the cloud inland with it clear on the coast. I was going to mow the straw/lawns but made a difficult choice and decided to head for the beach instead and have a swim. I struggled with that one. A maximum of 24.2°C with the sea breeze keeping the temperature pegged back a little. Will we get any rain later this week…. looking like most of the wet stuff will be Up Country.

Sunny, dry and warm (but not hot) July so far

It has been sunnier than normal and another day with over 11 hours of sunshine brings the total so far (up to the 12th) to 131 hours for this July.

The persistent warmth of the days rather than any actual hot days has been notable:

July 2019 daily maximums
1    22.4C
2    23.6C
3    22.8C
4    24.6C
5    26.1C
6    27.7C
7    24.5C
8    23.3C
9    25.6C
10    24.9C
11    24.4C
12    24.9C

The lawns are now straw. No rain since the 20th June. Rolling average for the last 30 days is 240 hours.

Sunny Start to July

It has been really sunny.

I’ve totalled up and here there have been 127 hours of sunshine (27th June to 6th July).

That cold front never really made it here yesterday and it was mostly sunny all day, and quite hot and humid too with a maximum of 27.7C and dew points around 18C. With practically no wind, it was a warm one.

The front lawn has taken on the colour of straw and the back lawn is going the same way too. A drop of rain would be handy. Last rainfall was on the 20th June but that was only light. The last proper rainfall was on the 13th June.

It started off bright but cloudy with only brief sunny intervals but the cloud has now broken up and it is turning increasingly sunny, and warm too but the humidity is down slightly on yesterday.

Summary for June 2019

Cool, rather cloudy and very wet until the 20th then mostly fine, warm and sunny. The warmth (especially at night) of the last week saved this June from being the coolest in my record going back to 2005.

A maximum of 12.8°C on the 11th was the coldest June day I’ve recorded, by quite a margin.

Much wetter and duller than normal with around average mean temperature. Wettest and cloudiest June since 2016, and the coolest since 2013.

Mean Max: 20.0ºC
Mean Min: 10.7ºC
Mean: 15.4ºC

High Max: 27.2ºC 27th
Low Max: 12.8ºC 11th
High Min: 17.2ºC 26th
Low Min: 4.2ºC 6th
Grass Min: 2.8ºC 9th

Days >20°C 10 Days   
Days >15°C 29 Days   
Nights >10°C 17 Days   
Nights <5°C 3 Days   

Rain Total (gauge): 76.8 mm
Rain Days >0.2 mm: 17 Days   
Rain Days >1.0 mm: 10 Days   
Max 24 hrs: 21.0 mm 13th
Days without any rain: 13   

Thunder Heard: 4 Days   
Hail <5 mm: 0 Days   
Hail >5 mm: 0 Days   
Fog @ 9am: 0 Days   

Total Monthly Sunshine:    194.7 Hours
Most Sunshine in a Day:    15.6 Hours 27th
Average Daily Sunshine:    6.5 Hours   
Sunless Days: 0 Days   
Cloudless Days: 3 Days   
Total Possible Sunshine: 492.3 Hours   
Percentage of Total Sun: 40%   
Average Sunny Interval:    18.6 mins

Ave 10 Min Wind >39 mph: 0.00 Days   
Calm: 5.28 Days    20%
Mean Wind: 3.3 mph   
Max Gust: 30 mph 16th
Mean Cloud Cover: 57%   

Mean Pressure: 1013.4 hPa   
Max Pressure: 1025.6 hPa 27th
Min Pressure: 996.5 hPa 7th

Max Dewpoint: 19.6ºC 29th
Min Dewpoint: 3.1ºC 6th
Mean Dewpoint: 11.7ºC   

Max Humidity: 97% 3rd
Min Humidity: 47% 27th
Mean Humidity: 79%

Very High UV + 1000 hours of Sunshine Passed

Very high UV today, something I was not expecting and at the moment I have no explanation as to why but the UV peaked at 9.1 this afternoon.

And the UV also stayed high right through the afternoon when it would normally drop off quite quickly after around 3:30pm.

I’m really suntanned now but I still managed to cop it a bit, testament to the unusual strength of the sun. The solar radiation peaked at 1273 W/m², the highest this year.

Sunshine passed the 1000 hours mark this morning. Last year the same achievement happened on the 2nd July. Last year went on to clock up 1938 hours. In 2017 the 1000 hours mark was achieved on the 14th July and in 2016 it was the 25th June.

Scorching July Sunshine on the south coast of Devon