Very High UV + 1000 hours of Sunshine Passed

Very high UV today, something I was not expecting and at the moment I have no explanation as to why but the UV peaked at 9.1 this afternoon.

And the UV also stayed high right through the afternoon when it would normally drop off quite quickly after around 3:30pm.

I’m really suntanned now but I still managed to cop it a bit, testament to the unusual strength of the sun. The solar radiation peaked at 1273 W/m², the highest this year.

Sunshine passed the 1000 hours mark this morning. Last year the same achievement happened on the 2nd July. Last year went on to clock up 1938 hours. In 2017 the 1000 hours mark was achieved on the 14th July and in 2016 it was the 25th June.

Scorching July Sunshine on the south coast of Devon

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