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June 2019 – Very cool, wet and dull

Forget Flaming June and replace that with cool June, or more appropriately, very cool June.

June 2019 (1st – 19th):
Mean minimum = 9.6C
Mean maximum = 18.1C
Mean = 13.9C
Rain = 67 mm
Sunshine = 94 hours.

Unless things seriously warm up this June is going to go down as the coolest by quite a margin in my record going back to 2005. It may also end up the dullest but probably not the wettest.

It can only get better….now where I have heard that before.

Coldest June Day

What a day! Several June firsts:

1: Had to dig out my fleece after storing it away until November.
2: Wish I had then dug out a jumper too this afternoon.
3: Put the heater on in the car.
4: Everybody went home early from work as it was so cold in the office.
5: Lit the wood burner this evening (couldn’t bring myself to put the central heating on).

Now, I suppose the more hardy folk amongst you will think what a bunch of softy southerners we are down ‘ere but it was a severe shock to the system. Most January days are far more clement.

The maximum temperature reached 12.8C but was mostly stuck around 11C. This is the lowest day maximum in my record (2006) beating the previous of 13.5C held on the 25th June 2007.

And to top it all, that wind had a real raw edge to it that would have made a winter’s day proud.

Rain stopped early this morning but it has remained cloudy until now. The sun has just come out for all the good it will do at this time in the evening. Still, it will prevent today from being the first sunless day since the 5th April.

20.8 mm of rain in the last 24 hours. It can only get better….

Sunshine then Thunder

There was a line of showers and thunderstorms that developed over Dartmoor and headed north-east. We just copped the edge of one this afternoon after hours of unbroken sunshine.

Most of the activity was to our west where it was rumbling away. Only 2.2 mm of rain here. And looking to our east there was blue sky.

This weather’s going to encourage that grass to grow even faster. And it doesn’t even need any encouragement.

All gone now and the sun’s out again.

A maximum of 18.9C and with just a light breeze made for another lovely day until the shower arrived.

Not a bad ol’ Day

Here in the Otter Valley we often do quite well in these brisk westerlies at this time of year. And today was no exception with lengthy spells of ‘tropical’ intensity sun, shining through the bluest of blue skies made for a better than expected day.

Incredible visibility and the clouds making for a dramatic skyscape at times. Who wouldn’t like a day such as this!

A maximum of 18.7C, nothing to write home about but given the strength of the sunshine and the freshness of the countryside after yesterday’s rain, a perfect day for the hammock.

Despite the unsettled nature of this June so far, sunshine hasn’t been that bad with the monthly total at nearly 60 hours. Rainfall total at 18.6 mm.

Summary for Spring 2019

Not far from an average spring with it being a little warmer and slightly drier than normal, though with much more sunshine.

Mean Max: 15.4ºC
Mean Min: 5.7ºC
Mean: 10.6ºC

High Max: 24.9ºC 20th Apr
Low Max: 9.2ºC 3rd Apr
High Min: 13.7ºC 31st May
Low Min: -1.8ºC 3rd Apr
Grass Min: -3.3ºC 3rd Apr

Days >20°C 12 Days
Days >15°C 43 Days
Days >10°C 88 Days
Nights <5°C 38 Days

Rain Total (gauge): 167.2 mm
Rain Days >0.2 mm: 29 Days   
Rain Days >1.0 mm: 22 Days   
Max 24 hrs: 25.6 mm 5th Apr
Days without any rain: 63   

Air Frost: 7 Days   
Grass Frost: 14 Days   
Snow Falling: 0 Days   
Snow (50%) @ 9am: 0 Days   

Thunder Heard: 1 Day   
Hail <5 mm: 4 Days   
Hail >5 mm: 0 Days   
Fog @ 9am: 3 Days   

Total Spring Sunshine: 606.1 Hours
Most Sunshine in a Day:    14.9 Hours 22nd May
Average Daily Sunshine:    6.6 Hours   
Sunless Days: 4 Days   
Cloudless Days: 11 Days   
Total Possible Sunshine: 1264 Hours   
Percentage of Total Sun: 48%   

Ave 10 Min Wind >39 mph: 0.00 Days   
Mean Wind: 3.9 mph   
Max Gust: 57 mph 3rd Mar
Mean Cloud Cover: 43%   
Mean RH @ 9am: 86%   

Mean Pressure: 1015.7 hPa   
Max Pressure: 1038.9 hPa 13th May
Min Pressure: 983.3 hPa 6th Mar

Max Dewpoint: 16.3ºC 26th May
Min Dewpoint: -2.5ºC 3rd Apr
Mean Dewpoint:    6.9ºC   

Max Humidity: 100% Several days
Min Humidity: 32% 4th May
Mean Humidity: 78%

Summary for May 2019

This May was dominated by cool nights but with plenty of warm and often sunny afternoons made for a rather beautiful month. The first May air frosts ever recorded at this station occurred on the 5th & 6th though they were slight. Rain only fell on 4 days. Overall though it was cooler, drier and sunnier than average. Coolest May since 2013 (11.3°C), driest since 2010 (24 mm), sunniest since 2018 (268 hours).

Mean Max: 17.8ºC
Mean Min: 6.3ºC
Mean: 12.1ºC

High Max: 22.3ºC 25th
Low Max: 13.3ºC    5th
High Min: 13.7ºC 31st
Low Min: -0.6ºC 5th
Grass Min: -1.7ºC 5th

Days >20°C 7 Days    
Days >15°C 26 Days    
Nights >10°C 3 Days    
Nights <5°C 10 Days

Rain Total (gauge): 29.0 mm
Rain Days >0.2 mm: 4 Days    
Rain Days >1.0 mm: 2 Days    
Max 24 hrs: 15.6 mm  8th
Days without any rain: 27    

Air Frost: 2 Days    
Grass Frost: 2 Days    
Snow Falling: 0 Days    
Thunder Heard: 1 Day 19th    
Hail <5 mm: 0 Days    
Hail >5 mm: 0 Days    
Fog @ 9am:  0 Days

Total Monthly Sunshine: 244.2 Hours
Most Sunshine in a Day: 14.9 Hours 22nd
Average Daily Sunshine: 7.9 Hours    
Sunless Days: 0 Days    
Cloudless Days:    5 Days    
Total Possible Sunshine: 480.9 Hours    
Percentage of Total Sun: 51%    
Average Sunny Interval: 22.1 mins

Ave 10 Min Wind >39 mph: 0.00 Days    
Calm: 5.47 Days 18%
Mean Wind: 2.8 mph    
Max Gust: 33 mph 8th
Mean Cloud Cover: 48%    
Mean RH @ 9am: 86%    

Mean Pressure: 1017.1 hPa    
Max Pressure: 1038.9 hPa 13th
Min Pressure: 989.9 hPa 8th

Max Dewpoint: 16.3ºC 26th
Min Dewpoint: -2.2ºC 4th
Mean Dewpoint: 7.9ºC    

Max Humidity: 97% 2nd
Min Humidity: 32% 4th
Mean Humidity: 76%

26th May – High UV

Today and yesterday have seen quite high UV levels after what has been a spring season of rather normal UV intensity.

The lack of tropical maritime air masses has probably been responsible.

The UV here today reached 8.6 despite quite cloudy and hazy conditions with the sun always being partly obscured by haze or cloud. Yesterday’s hazy conditions saw the UV reach 8.0.

I suspect that now the CF has moved through this evening and we’re in a different air mass, the UV maximum tomorrow will be down to around 6.0 to 7.0.

Given the forecast for later this week, we may see an extremely high UV level of +9.0 on Wednesday. Slip, slop, slap…oooerrrrr.