A seven day weather forecast for the Otter Valley and surrounded low-lying hinterland areas of south-east Devon such as Exmouth, Sidmouth, Seaton, Honiton and over to Axminster in the far east.
Forecast updated on Friday 7th December 2018.
A 180 view of Jacob's Ladder Beach at low tide on a winter's day.
Home Page A 180 panoramic view of Jacob's Ladder Beach at low tide on a winter's day.
8th Dec to 14th Dec This typical, early winter unsettled weather is set to continue through the weekend and next week with a slightly drier couple of days on Monday and Tuesday. No end in sight for the unsettled theme to continue though as we move nearer to Xmas, things may become drier and remaining mostly on the mild side. AM PM Confidence
(8th Dec):
A windy day with showers. These could merge to longer spells of rain.
Minimum = 6C Maximum = 13C Sun = 3 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 6 mm
(9th Dec):
Overnight showers clearing through the early morning to increasing sunny intervals.
Minimum = 3C Maximum = 11C Sun = 5 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 3 mm
(10th Dec):
Sunny intervals; a calmer sort of day with cloud increasing later.
Minimum = 2C Maximum = 12C Sun = 6 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 0 mm
(11th Dec):
Sunny intervals with cloud building through the afternoon and rain likely by evening.
Minimum = 4C Maximum = 11C Sun = 4 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 2 mm
(12th Dec):
Overnight rain clearing to sunshine and a low chance of showers.
Minimum = 3C Maximum = 12C Sun = 5 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 1 mm
(13th Dec):
Morning rain clearing to brighter but possibly showery weather later. Colder.
Minimum = 5C Maximum = 9C Sun = 2 hrs Max UV = 2 Rain = 15 mm
(14th Dec):
A bright, potentially frosty start with an ice risk then cloud increasing later with rain.
Minimum = 1C Maximum = 12C Sun = 3 hrs Max UV = 2   Rain = 6 mm
V. Low

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This forecast has been created by an appraisal of computer model outputs widely available on the internet such as GFS & ECWMF and interpreting these with adjustments for local topography and climatology.

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